Ancy the Merlinisapien fights against Albedo (Dan!)

IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE- oh whatever. Just fight.


In this corne, we got Ancy! Due to an accident on Primus, Ancy can alter his DNA to any species in the universe! He mainly appears as Merlinisapien.

(Ancy): Bring it on, Dan! (Turns into Petrosapien) I'm ready!

In this other corner, we have Albedo's Clone, codenamed 102, but more commonly known as, Dan! He uses the Negitive Ultimatrix!

(Dan): Are you ready enough? (Transforms into Humungousaur) Then come and get me.

Ancy turned his hands into shards, and charged into Dan.

(Dan as Humungousaur): OW! (Turns into Goop, then twisted around Ancy, burning him) HEHAW!

Ancy altered his DNA to Heatblast and started boiling up.

(Dan as Goop): I'll just do this! (Transforms into Water Hazard and puts out Ancy's fire)

(Dan as Water Hazard): DOOMED!

Ancy quickly altered his DNA to Humungousaur. He grew huge and smashed Dan away.

Dan hit a wall. He reverted back.

(Dan): (Groans, then falls over)

Ancy altered his DNA to Jetray.

(Ancy): You are spared.

He flew away.

(Dan): Not done yet. (Smiles, then turns into Ultimate Echo Echo and flies after you.)

(Ancy): What the?

Ancy altered his DNA to Diamondhead for battle.

(Dan as Ult. Echo Echo) SONIC! DOOM!

Diamondhead shattered apart. The rest of him turned back into Ancy, now covered in scratches and looking damaged. Dan grapped the top of his head, and dragged him away with him.