348px-Venom (Eddie Brock)

My actual form after ripping of my fake skin

Chisa is the alter-ego of User:Chisanga Kapumpa. He is a human/symbiote from Earth(real planet Hytophome). In this form he weilds the Omnitrix. He is very skilled in martial arts. He likes to use the most powerful of aliens but does not like to use his real form as he cannot control himself.


He looks like Ben only with brown hair, orange jacket, blue undershirt, black pants and a pair of red shoes. In his symbiote form he looks like all symbiotes only when he transforms he rips of his human skin causing the blood of that skin on his body/


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He doesen't really enjoy being in his true form so he likes to stay in human or alien form.

Ben 10 AF Ben

My human form