Swampfire is a playable alien.


Swampfire is a humanoid made of plant. He can fire flames, shoot balls of fire or create vine whips. He has chlorokinesis and near invulnerability.

  • Superhuman Strength: He knocked down a whole Highbreed weather tower.
  • Chlorokinesis: controls plant life through a type of gas.
  • Seeds: He can throw seeds that grow into large plants.
  • Regeneration: healing and vast regenerative powers to the point of near-invulnerability, His regenerative ability also allows him to tunnel underground in vine form, grow his feet to root into the ground, heal his limbs, pass through prison bars, and heal other creatures. His ability to pass through prison bars is present when he convinces Bellicus to become an invincible form of Swampfire from his Alien X form.
  • Fire Projection: He possesses the power to shoot fire from his palms; his fire is created by igniting methane naturally produced within his body, which results in him having a bad smell, similar to Stinkfly.
  • He can emit a gas that can knock people unconscious.
  • The fire blasts, semi-invulnerability and regenerating abilities have positioned him as a replacement of Benmummy , Heatblast ,Wildvine , making Swampfire Ben's new main alien.

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