Terraspin is a playable alien.


Terraspin's powers are aerokinetic, meaning that the basic element he controls and manipulates is air and wind. He can retract into his shell and blow very strong and powerful winds out of the holes on his front side. He can also use his flat hands like fans to blow wind. The black spots at the end of his flippers can extend into finger-like claws, for manipulation of buttons and switches, they might be sharp, so a scratch might be painful. He can even fly by pulling into his shell and blowing air out to push himself along. When flying or creating a giant tornado or monsoon Terraspin retracts his head into his body, his fins become triangular and his feet combine into a similar triangular shape. He rotates with his shell staying static and suspended. As revealed in "Map of Infinity", his species is impervious to magic and mana. He can curl into his shell, which is hard enough to protect him from most attacks. He can also spin at high speeds to throw things around. This also allows him to vacuum air to pull things towards him, and let him create a twister. He also possesses super strength, shown when Galapagus, a member of his species, was able to lift and throw a car.