The Omnifinity
is a watch that latches onto other omnitrixes, most notably, the Ultimatrix.It is unknown who made it. We do know it was made at least 20,00 years ago, when the sanctuary was last available to travel to. IT is weilded by Rocketslug Dharma


  • Regular mode (green)- It works like the omnitrix.
  • Recharge mode (white)- After using the watch for long periods of time, the watch has to recharge.
  • Master control mode (green)- Just by saying- or thinking- the name of an alien, the user becomes the alien. You don't have to recharge.
  • Destruction/Defensive mode (red)- Activated when sensing 'invalid DNA' or that the alien doesn't have an omnitrix, it could destroy whole planets.
  • Shutdown mode (black)- When in contact with a few different DNA samples, the Omnifinity shuts down. Azmuth deactivated the Osmosian shutdown mode.
  • Mana mode (purple)- When in contact with intense amounts of mana, the Omnifinity starts to channel magic. Azmuth deactivated it.
  • Recalibration mode (yellow)- It recalibrates it self to fit the user and the user's watch.
  • Scanning mode (blue/green)- When it finds new DNA, tendrils (usually blue, sometimes green) of energy come out of the Omnifinity and latches around the sample until scan is complete.
  • Gauntlet mode (green)- It turns into a gauntlet. By becoming a gauntlet, it also becomes a laser. It immediatly activates Master control mode. Fusion mode is only accessable in gauntlet mode.
  • Fusion mode (rainbow)- It fuses alien DNA together to make a new alien. It is only accessable in gauntlet mode.
  • S.D.M. (red, orange, and white alternating): It activates self destruct mode. It is only accessable by the code: INFINITY=PARADOX?


  • All Ben 10 aliens except Alien X, Clockwork, Human, Eon, Greymatter, and Way Big
  • Harlequin
  • Shadow Hand
  • Heat Wave
  • Steve
  • Cosmos
  • SlugMeap
  • Theme Song
  • Doctor
  • Ek
  • REO
  • Smartypants
  • Paradoxiclean