Redo's adventures begin! :D


Redo was running through an obstacle course at sonic speed.

Redo: How was that dad?

Mr. Powerstone: 0.05 of a second. Don't worry, son. Someday you'll beat your old man's record.

Redo, gloomly: Yeah, someday. (He puts on his jacket and runs)

Later at a lake, he was sitting on a rock watching the moonlight shimmer on the water.

Redo: My dad never let's me do anything He is always embarssing me and beating me at everthing!

Voice: Sounds like you need some help.

Redo: Who are you?

Pyronite: I am Piross, king of Pyros. I know a way that you can show your dad you're the best.

Redo: How?

Piross, handing Redo a medal: This is the Peace Piece. It's features are listed on its page.

Redo: So this will help me calm my anger and prove I'm the best? I'M IN!

Later Redo, as Four Arms, was smashing a building.

Redo: I don't see how this helps.

Piross: You'll see. Once your dad sees what you've done, he'll know you're the best, everyone on this planet will know who you are!

Mr. Powerstone: Redo! What are you doing to our planet?

Redo: Showing I'm the best! It's what Piross says and that's what you want!

Mr. Powerstone: No! I don't want you to be your best! I want you to TRY your best!

Piross: Don't listen to him! He doesn't think you can do it! He has no faith in you! Now finish him! Only the best has the guts to.

Redo became Buzzshock and was sparking up. But he then turned quickly and shot Piross instead.

Redo: You think I'd believe my father wanted me to kill him? I knew you were evil this whole time. This is the third time this has happened. My dad doesn't believe the best is a planet conquerer, he believes the best is a person who tries hard. I try hard. You were right: My dad has seen what I've done, and he knows I'm the best. He always did before. I just didn't see that. Now you've shown me what the best really is. Thanks, dad!

Mr. Powerstone: No, son. Thank you.

They hugged and the RP begins...

THE END (not for the RP)