Ultimate big chill cloaked by armodrillofan123-d391k9u

Credit to Armodrillofan on DA.

Ultimate Big Chill is a playable alien.


Ultimate Big Chill can still become intangible, manipulate ice, fly, and breathe ice. but he can breathe much colder and faster-freezing ice, and can also now create "ice flames" (actually a heat-draining plasma beam), which he describes as "fire so cold it burns." Dwayne McDuffie described them as flames that consume the heat of whatever they touch, and use that energy to burn. "Freezer Burn." He can breathe flames or shoot them from his hands, and when they hit something, it turns into blue ice. He can also freeze things faster than Big Chill. By inhaling deeply, he can lower the temperature of the air he breathes in, because he sucks the heat out of objects, freezes anything that happens to be in it's path. His transparent intangible form is now red instead of blue. He is also much faster while flying and phasing through objects. Like Big Chill, he can survive in a variety of environments, including extreme heat, intense cold, deep oceans, and the vacuum of space.