The Waychatrix (waycha from you-ach (UH) and an A at the end) is Ulty's Omnitrix.


  1. Pyrology
  2. Tidalwave
  3. Boywen
  4. Cryo Flio
  5. All of Ben's original aliens besides Heatblast and Ghostfreak
  6. Emergeter
  7. All original additionals except Eon, Benwolf, and Ditto
  8. All future aliens from both Ben 10,000s
  9. All AF aliens except Swampfire and Goop
  10. All AF additionals
  11. All ultimates and Andromedas except NRG and AmpFibian
  12. All other aliens
  13. All original Evan Billions except Humanimate, Feet Balled, and Glider
  14. Ultimate Chromastone
  15. Platypie
  16. Dumbwad
  17. 20 Minutes
  18. Balloony
  19. Agention
  20. Green Thumb
  21. Clockboy
  22. Hammer
  23. Carton
  24. Atomiquark
  25. Rollerboaster
  26. Ultimate Balloony
  27. Infinite Balloony
  28. Superchef
  29. Cartoon Guy

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