Yinyang is one of Omi's aliens. He originally is from Simien 10.


Yin's powersEdit

  • Controlling fire
  • Very gooey
  • Made of lava
  • Super strength
  • Combining with Yang to create Yinyang

Yin's WeaknessesEdit

  • Water
  • Dumb

Yang's powersEdit

  • Controlling ice
  • Very hard
  • Made of ice
  • Super intelligence
  • Super speed
  • Combining with Yin to create Yinyang

Yang's WeaknessesEdit

  • Fire

Yinyang's powersEdit

  • Controlling fire
  • Controlling ice
  • Super Speed
  • Super strength
  • Super intelligence
  • Half hard
  • Half gooey

Yinyang's weaknessesEdit

  • Water for one half
  • Fire for the other half

Species and planetEdit


Planet:Kagetohi (actually a moon)


Yin looks like a blob of lava with no legs (but still has arms)

Yang looks like a man made of blocks of ice

Yinyang has half of Yin's body just with a leg and is other half is Yang



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